Glass & Stainless Steel Cleaner 6 x 750ml

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A multi-surface cleaner for glass, stainless steel and other water resistant hard surfaces.

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Features and Benefits

• Suitable for all hard surfaces including windows, mirrors, windscreens, VDU’s,
ceramic tiles, chrome, porcelain, showcases and exhibitions stands.
• Dries quickly without streaking.
• Perfume free non tainting formulation.
• Easy spray on wipe of action.
• Rapidly removes finger marks and soiling.
• Excellent for using as a light duty general cleaner

Use Instructions

1. Apply sparingly and wipe off with a clean lint free cloth/paper towel.
2. Buff with a dry cloth/paper towel for extra shine.
Test material compatibility in a small, inconspicuous place before use.
Excessive product usage will cause smearing; poor performance will most likely be
due to a contaminated cloth.

Safe Handling and Storage

See visual information to right.
Full guidance on the handling and safe use of the product can be obtained from the
Safety Data Sheet.
Store in original container.
Avoid extremes of temperature.

Additional information

Weight 10.49 kg


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