Odour Eliminator (2x5ltr)

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A highly effective odour eliminator for use against various odours including urine, vomit, tobacco smoke, pet odours and general malodours.

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Features and Benefits

• Suitable for use on all surfaces including clothing, floors, furniture, carpets, curtains
and soft furnishings.
• Incorporates biological support ingredients and essential growth factors, which
promote improved performance.
• Specifically designed to block the production of odour by naturally occurring
bacterial populations. This unique formulation inhibits the normal biological
production of odour causing gasses.
• Quickly eliminates malodours.
• Biological formulation digests the original source of the malodour
• Contains a fresh pleasant deodorising fragrance.
• Ready to use formulation.

Use Instructions

1. Where possible spray the affected area immediately after contamination occurs.
2. Remove solids by using a dustpan or blot liquids with a paper towel to dry.
3. Spray surface again to remove the malodour and its cause.
For high risk areas, surfaces can be pre-treated with odour eliminator, the product is
activated when contamination occurs.

Safe Handling and Storage

See visual information to right.
Full guidance on the handling and safe use of the product can be obtained from the
Safety Data Sheet.
Store in original container.
Avoid extremes of temperature.

Additional information

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